Introducing Ray - Your New Digital Assistant

Say hello to Ray, the latest digital evolution at Radiant Credit Union. Designed to offer members an enriched banking experience, Ray is available around the clock to address queries and provide support. As part of our commitment to updating and optimizing our services, we're retiring the Money$Line banking-by-phone system, introducing Ray as the contemporary and comprehensive solution to your banking needs.


Accessible via chat on our website, app, and eBanking, Ray provides instantaneous digital assistance. But when a human touch is preferred, our seasoned team is always available to jump in. Ray symbolizes a balance between cutting-edge technology and the trusted, personal service Radiant is known for.

As Radiant Credit Union moves forward, we're thrilled to have our members be a part of this transformative journey. Transitioning from Money$Line to Ray marks a milestone in our quest for excellence, and we're confident you'll appreciate the enhancements.