Radiant Begins Construction on New Lake City Branch

Radiant Credit Union recently gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking of their new building. The event took place on June 8th in Lake City, Florida. Members of Team Radiant were joined by the construction partner Scorpio and members of the Lake City Chamber of Commerce .
The occasion was the start of an incredible adventure for Radiant Credit Union as they set out to create a fresh and vibrant space for their members . With Scorpio by their side, the journey ahead promises to be remarkable. This new location is right next door to the existing Lake City branch, which has been open since 1992.
This project demonstrates Radiant's commitment to delivering exceptional service and meeting the needs of the Lake City community .
Check out these photos from the event here:
Shovels ready for the ceremony.

Fresh cookies on hand, courtesy of Ciera Cole!

Crowd of people

The crowd gathered – from the Radiant Management Team and Board, Team Radiant from the Lake City Branch, Scorpio (our construction partner), and the Lake City Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Barnard Speech
We heard from Joey O'Hern from the Chamber of Commerce, Cynthia Brochu, from our Board, and finally, Tom Barnard, our CEO.
Shovel Poses - Board

The Board poses with the shovels. 

Shovel Poses - Management Team
The Radiant Management Team poses with their shovels.
Breaking Ground
The Management moving some dirt!
Shoveling Dirt
Members of our Board and the Lake City Chamber of Commerce breaking ground.
Shoveling Dirt - Lake City Team
The Team from our Lake City Branch moving dirt! 
Shoveling Dirt - Scorpio
Tom and the Scorpio team getting things started!
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Let's celebrate together as Radiant Credit Union takes a leap towards an amazing future !